If you are a landlord in Brampton, you may have considered window replacement for your rental property. Worn out and broken windows need a quick replacement, but replacing windows can also boost the curb appeal and value. Some people might argue that it may not be a good investment to replace the windows of your rental property, but we are here to prove them wrong. To help you decide whether you should plan a window replacement in Brampton, we’ll go through a few of the advantages of replacing windows in residential and commercial rental properties, as well as the qualities that the right replacement windows should possess.

Replacing your windows will increase your property’s desirability and help negotiate increased rental rates.

If you need something to help your property stand out to potential tenants, you should consider getting new windows. When people are looking into rental properties, one of the first things they notice and think about is how well-kept the property is. One wouldn’t choose to rent a space (whether for living or commercial use) that could cause them trouble shortly after the deal was settled. Worn-out windows are notable and will cause a wrong impression. In reality, rusty windows can make the property look older, even if the other features are in good condition. Furthermore, old windows mean noise and insulation problems. Replacing the windows can help you receive more inquiries about your rental space and justify your rent prices. 

People might prefer other places if your space has leaky windows.

Especially in the Brampton weather, leaky windows can kill residential and commercial rent deals. If your property’s windows are old and with leak problems, it is a good idea to replace them as potential tenants will not want to close a deal on a place where noise and cold air will get in. Leaky windows also lead to high power bills due to the worn thermostat.

The Right Windows Actually Helps to Save Money 

Some landlords in Canada calculate the estimated electric bill and charge it in the rent as a fixed inclusion. If this is how you and your tenants have agreed, you might notice higher power bills because of old windows, which means you would have to pay for the additional cost. In case your space has old single-pane windows, it is time to invest in window replacement. 

New Windows can Provide Protection From UV Radiation. 

If you have owned your property for a while, you’ve probably dealt with issues like fading paint, fading furniture, and other interior elements decaying. Sometimes happens because of the bleaching effect that ultraviolet rays have and not because of the natural wear and tear. In this case, the maintenance would be an additional cost, as not repairing it could convince your potential tenants to look for another place. To prevent this, you can replace your windows with Low-E glass windows, which deliver excellent UV protection.

Investing in New Windows

When choosing the best option for your window replacement in Brampton, you will find many options. Single-pane glass windows are still on the market, despite the leak issues they might present, as we have discussed. There are regular double-pane glasses windows and also the ones with Low-E glass. Speaking of frames, you will have to choose from different window materials like wood, vinyl or aluminum. Window replacement is a project that requires a lot but it is an excellent investment, especially if you are a landlord for rental properties. If you need help planning your window replacement or have questions about windows, contact Brampton Windows! One of our window specialists will be happy to talk to you. Call us at (905) 595-5091.