Select the Best Transom for Your Front Door

Letting the sunlight shine through as custom transoms is an ideal way to illuminate your foyer and add design to your entranceway. If this is a new concept, Let’s take a look. Transoms are horizontal, transverse structures that separate windows from doors and contrast with the mullion, a vertical format. They are typically considered a door’s transom light or the window above the crosspiece and have an exciting and functional past.

These tiny, above-eye-level windows were typical in apartments, homes, schools, and other structures before central heating and air conditioning became fashionable. Nowadays, many homeowners prefer building a door with an individual transom as it creates a distinctive architectural feature. An additional meaning to the term fanlight is named due to its circular shape, similar to that of the hand fan. Please look into these windows’ advantages and how to set them up and design them.

3 Key Benefits

There are many benefits to having a transom added to your front entranceway, such as:

1: More sunlight. Install an additional window to take advantage of an enlightened space and increase the seamless flow between your outside and interior. To add more light, consider adding sidelights, too.

2: A distinct personality. Make a tribute and customize the design to match your modern preferences.

3: Privacy added. It’s easy to boost the amount of light without sacrificing security. You’ll feel secure knowing you can see outside while others struggle to see through these high-level windows.

Constructing and Installing a Custom Transom

If you’re thinking of installing a transom on one of your entranceways, you’ll need to design a new iron door that goes with it. It is because we cannot replace the entire piece, and our transoms must be hung or attached to the same frames made of steel as the door. If not, a separate transom placed on top of an existing entryway will be just an opaque window over your door.

Do you have a problematic entrance layout? Our specialists will help you adjust the door’s height to fit virtually any style. While drawing, keep at heart that the transoms may differ in size from several inches to a few feet. The dimensions typically extend across the length of the doors. The window can get designed to match any door style that is decorative that you like, such as contemporary, ornate, or traditional. After you and our experts complete and approve the design of your new door and the transom, we’ll take your item through the custom manufacturing process.

What Do Transoms Serve?

Traditionally, transoms allow light and air to flow through entryways and rooms regardless of whether doors remain shut. They are frequently utilized today as an additional architectural component for custom door designs.

Are Windows for Transoms Out of Date?

Transoms have to get largely abandoned to serve their original purpose: cross-ventilation and airflow. However, many homeowners prefer to have one installed in their entryway to provide more illumination and architectural interest.

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