Bay windows consist of 3 or more windows joined together to form a unit that extends out from the home’s exterior wall, creating an internal alcove. They are a great alternative to other types of windows. They can be arranged in various configurations and typically angled to 45 and 90 degrees. Here are six reasons you may want to consider installing bay windows in your house.

1. They Have More Views

Bay windows feature three or larger glass panes. The pane in the center is generally fixed and offers an unobstructed view outside of your house. The various angles of glass can provide better perspectives in multiple directions.

2. They’re a Source of Natural Light

Since bay windows have three windows, They have a larger surface area than one window. Additionally, the angular structure allows light in different directions. Its lets plenty of natural light-filled rooms.

3. They’re Customizable

Bay windows are customizable to complement the design of your house. They’re stylish and come in various styles, including canted, oriel, circular, and box-style.

4. They Can Improve the Airflow

Bay windows that have operable side windows permit more airflow and better ventilation. Side windows are set in opposite directions and create a cross-breeze that will allow air to circulate through your home within minutes.

5. They Also Add Space

Bay windows help rooms appear more prominent. They are more obtrusive, and they can add as much as two feet of additional living space to the room. The inside alcove could get used to making the appearance of a window, like storage or inviting reading space.

6. They Can Increase the Value of Resales

Bay windows are a great way to add dimensions and improve your house’s exterior and interior appearance. Additionally, the extra area will boost the value of your home.

It is essential to remain that poorly installed bay windows can cause cracks in their walls. If you wish to ensure that the task gets completed correctly, choose a reputable window manufacturer in your local area.

Bay Windows in Brampton

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