Experts claim that as high as 70% of the energy loss in your home get caused by doors and windows. Although your windows might not be at the top of your list, they are an essential component of your overall comfort and significantly impact the cost of energy. There’s no reason to wait until it gets warm to address the possibility of losing power. When your windows appear leaking, drafty, or are in a generally poor state, Brampton Windows will replace them at any time. In reality, different seasons provide different advantages for windows replacement.


Many homeowners do not consider the colder months an excellent time to consider replacing damaged or inefficient windows. New windows can help ensure that your heating costs don’t rise in the coming months. Certain regions will be more susceptible to humidity as warmer temperatures fade colder weather. It’s an excellent recipe for condensation, which can cause mildew and mold. Take a look at these benefits of changing windows in the fall:

  • The process of winterizing your home or preparing for the cold weather is a great way to ensure the safety of your family members and possessions.
  • The addition of windows immediately increases your curb appeal. And even when the trees are not in full bloom in the winter months, windows stand out more strikingly as a style statement.
  • The pace of business is slower for window repair companies in the fall, and their schedules are flexible and more likely to match yours.


Windows can become fragile in freezing temperatures, making them more likely to break, and one of the things you don’t need in winter is a broken window. During winter and cold weather, homeowners are more likely to notice damaged windows, as they’re more likely to feel drafts. Therefore, rather than dealing with drafty and old windows for another year, think of winter as an excellent opportunity to have windows replaced. Here’s why:

  • A lot of window replacement firms offer special discounts during the slow season.
  • Once the windows get fitted, it is feasible to save money on heating expenditures throughout the winter season.
  • There’s no need to fret about having too much cold air in your home during the installation. Brampton Windows does a one-for-one structure which means every window is taken down and replaced.


With temperatures increasing, it is spring, which means the start of the season of window replacement. It could mean it’s somewhat more difficult to schedule, so make sure you plan.

  • The windows of replacement shrink slightly during the winter. A window replacement in spring will help keep the weather-proof seal.
  • Older windows have trouble regulating temperatures, and the long days and the longer days of spring are the perfect opportunities to replace windows.


It is by far the busiest time for replacement windows. As with spring, scheduling may be more challenging. Set up as early as you can to schedule summer events. In the end, you’ll be among hundreds of homeowners who want to enjoy these benefits:

  • The warmer weather can help caulk stick and give your windows the most substantial seal.
  • Family vacations and holidays keep many homeowners from planning the necessary repairs during this month.

Replacement of windows can be a difficult choice. Thorough knowledge of your requirements and budget is crucial for a successful undertaking. Get a free estimate for replacement windows to contact a Brampton Windows representative today by calling 905 595 5091 or emailing Our specialists in replacement windows will assist you in evaluating your options regardless of the season.