Have you heard about indoor-outdoor living yet? It’s becoming a popular design trend! Homeowners are turning their patios into larger living spaces using various patio doors. If you’re seeking to transform your window into a doorway, extend your existing patio door larger or build the wall with an opening leading to the outside, consider one of these five solutions for your patio door:

1: Swinging French Doors

Swinging patio doors are pretty fashionable and improve the appearance of a house. You can select from in-swing entries or out-swing operating styles for these doors, which are renowned for their glass panels and capacity to let in a lot of light. To determine which is ideal for you, consider the following factors:

  • Hinges: Which side of your house do you wish the hinges to be visible? They’re inside your home to allow In-swing and on the outside for out-swing.
  • Space: What space are you able to use? For an in-swing door, you will require clearance within your home to allow the door to swing open without hitting furniture. You need an exit route clear from your home to accommodate the door’s width swinging outward to swing-out.

2: Sliding Patio Doors

Sliding patio doors are an excellent solution if you have a small floor plan or an existing door opening. These doors glide along a horizontal track and can get customized with decorative handles, high-end exterior colors, glass alternatives, and grid patterns. They can get designed with either a right-hand or left-hand action.

3: Stacking Glass Walls

When you open the glass walls of your home, the panels stack over each other as it moves along the track. Thus according to the opening size, you can have between 3 and 6 channels. If you open your doors completely, the living space extends to your patio, and your house gets flooded with light and fresh air.

4: Pocket Glass Walls

If you’d like the glass parts of your patio-facing doors to be hidden out of view once the door has been left open, You’ll need pocket glass walls. When the doors open, they’re hidden into a wall compartment out of sight, creating an open-air space. When the door is closed, the massive doors are a stunning frame for the beautiful views. These patio doors are ideal for replacement projects or building a new house.

5: Bi-Fold Glass Walls

With Bi-Fold walls, each panel folds into the top of the other forum when you open it, making an impressive entrance to your private patio or deck space. The sleek, contemporary frame design is a good match with a range of styles for homes with architectural designs. Four different colors blend into or stand out based on the type you prefer.

After you’ve decided on your patio’s door, It’s time to put it in place! Take into consideration a mix of chairs and sofas for plenty of seating. Choose if you’d like to bring the colors of your living space to your outdoor space by using a rug and pillows for a seamless transition. Also, you can create a focal point by adding a splash of color. Imagine the patio space as an extension of your living space. Don’t overlook dining tables, end tables, coffee tables, and decorative pieces such as baskets, candles, or statues.

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