It’s no secret that windows like a bow or bay can significantly enhance your house’s interior and exterior appearance. They are stunning on the outside and inside and can add style everywhere they get put in.

They enhance your home’s curb appeal, and inside, they provide an ideal space for plants or other ornaments. The primary distinctions between bow and bay windows will get discussed in this post and the most crucial factors to consider when choosing between them. Which one is best for you?

1: Cost of Bay Vs. Bow Windows

The primary difference between bays and bows is the number of windows you’ll be required to install. Of course, this will affect the price of the renovation.

There are a variety of bay windows. However, they all have three windows: one picture window in the front and two double-hung, casement, or fixed light windows on the sides.

Bow windows consist of multiple windows that form an arc or bow on the exterior. The windows typically will be smaller than those made for bay windows. There will need more windows to fill the same area.

To discover the costs connected with each form of window, we recommend getting an estimate from a specialist. There are numerous factors other than just the number of windows and their installation that could impact the total price of your window. A precise measurement is among the most critical aspects. It is essential to have an expert height to support the estimation.

2: Interior Lighting

Both windows will let more light into your home than a plain window. However, bow windows have more angles to let glare get in. Compared to flat windows, you will be able to take advantage of more direct sunshine.

The bow windows are also closer to the edges of your house. Bay windows feature an outside frame with an overhang that helps block sunlight from entering the interior of your home. In addition, bow windows can extend less, so you can take advantage of the sun for more extended hours throughout the day.

3: Space

Both windows are fantastic for creating an inner space that can serve as a shelf for plants and other decorations or as an area for sitting. There are some critical distinctions in how they create space in your home.

Bay windows can make more space because of their fundamental design. Because bay windows extend further from the house, creating more shelves. Bow windows can provide plenty of space, based on the number of windows utilized, but they cannot match the space bay windows can create.

4: Air Flow

Bay windows provide good circulation. Bow windows permit an airflow that can flow easily between rooms and windows, creating a refreshing airflow within your home. However, it’s more difficult for air to move over flat surfaces than the curving arc of bow windows freely. If the airflow is what you’re after, the bow windows would be the ideal alternative.

Bay and Bow Windows from Brampton Windows

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