Windows comprise 15 to 20 percent of a house’s total area. Therefore, they influence the price of cooling and heating your home. The majority of heat is generated or lost through the windows and doors of your home. Installing energy-efficient windows can save you money and help the environment by lowering your home’s energy use. U-values get used to assess the energy efficiency of windows. Lower U-values indicate more efficiency. It is what you need to be aware of about U-values.

Transfer of Heat

Understanding the U-value better is also necessary for understanding the R-value. To calculate a U-value, you must perform a theoretical calculation that determines the speed of heat that flows through a square foot material. It measures how much heat gets transferred from the warmer surface to the cold. U-values typically vary from 0.20 up to 1.20. Higher values get assigned to windows with greater insulation levels and a lower heating transfer.

Resistance to Heat

An R-value is a measurement that measures the resistance to the heat generated by a product. It measures the energy capacity to flow from hot to cold zones through the tested material (walls, insulation doors, and windows). It gets based on the thickness of the material and its resistance to heat transfer. Materials with higher R values are more effective at preventing heat transfer. Triple- and double-pane windows have more R-values than single-pane windows.

Window Glazing

Your windows’ energy efficiency and performance can improve with various glazing alternatives. Low-emissive glass is one option. The ability to emit energy get referred to as emissivity. Low-E glass gets coated with a transparent coating that blocks the infrared and ultraviolet light reflected into your home. It absorbs heat, so it doesn’t get absorbed during winter, and it isn’t able to enter in summer. Low-e glass is an excellent approach to lower the U-value of a window.

Windows in Brampton

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