You might be surprised by the variety offered if you’re looking for new windows. Single-hung windows are among the most sought-after types of windows used by builders and homeowners, which is an important reason. In this article, learn more about single-hung windows, including how to tell them apart from double-hung windows and the benefits and drawbacks of installing them in your home.

What Exactly Is the Single-Hung Window?

Single-hung windows have a sash at the bottom or panel that can move vertically. When the window is unlocked and open, the bottom sash moves upwards and partially blocks an upper part. The top strap is not moved and stays fixed.

Single-hung windows look similar to double-hung windows. However, when a window is double hung, both higher and lower frames may be open.

Benefits from Single Hung Windows

Single-hung windows are very popular with homeowners and builders who want to replace their windows for various reasons, primarily because these windows are less expensive than others. One hung window is about 20% less than a double-hung window. These savings can multiply if you’re looking to replace all windows in a home. However, a single-hung window isn’t the best solution for every circumstance that could arise within the house.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Single Hung Windows

Although, more often than not, single-hung windows will cost less than most other windows, they have certain limitations. They can, for instance, be difficult to clean as they can’t turn. It is mainly a problem in the case of windows placed on the upper floors.

Additionally, airflow gets limited due to an upper, fixed sash of windows that get only hung. Due to this, single-hung windows aren’t always the most suitable choice for rooms that require proper airflows, such as bathrooms or kitchens. In these areas, window types, awning, or casement windows get typically preferred by homeowners looking for a replacement window.

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Even with their drawbacks, single-hung windows can be a cost-effective choice to enhance your house’s appearance and energy performance. If you’re looking to upgrade all or most of your windows, the savings from choosing this kind of window can be considerable. Therefore the cost has to be taken into consideration.

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