Are you looking for ways to create your home to get noticed? A bow or bay window is the best method to achieve this!

The windows get made to bring a classic look to any house and offer a range of other advantages we’ll discuss below.

But first, let’s talk about what bay and bow windows are and how to choose the right one for your home.

The Distinctiveness of Bay and Bow Windows

The style and form of these two kinds of windows are alike. However, they have one significant difference: how many windows are within each.

Bay windows feature three more openings, typically with a bigger window in the middle and two smaller windows on either side. They let the sunshine more than other window designs, and extra space is created inside your home because the windows with angled sides allow you to build shelves or seating space.

Bow windows get typically found in victorian architecture or buildings influenced by the period, but they are stunning in any house. Bow windows are more extensive and have 4-6 windows, usually identical in dimensions. A more significant number of window panels gives the appearance of a semi-circle on the house’s exterior and lets the sun shine through.

Do I Need to Choose Between the Bay Instead a Bow Window?

What is the most suitable choice for your house with these differences in mind? There isn’t one right or wrong!

Both are fantastic options. However, it’s essential to remember that bow windows need more significant space, so if you have a narrow opening, it’s likely to be better to go with bay windows. Bay windows get also expected to be less expensive than bow windows because get made of fewer window panels.

During your in-home estimate, your Brampton Windows will help you determine which style is right for your home and budget.

Why You Should Install a Bay or Bow Window in Your House

1: Bay & Bow Windows Can Help Small Spaces Look Bigger

If you’re living in a less spacious space than you’d like, consider adding a bay or bow window. The extra glass can make your room appear and feel larger. The windows with angled edges add space to the interior of your house.

2: This Design Adds More Space for Storage or Seating

Because bow and bay windows are semi-circular or angled, they create more space. A lot of homeowners decide to include an outdoor seat that can add a stunning appeal to any house. Who hasn’t dreamed of having a reading nook in a window?

As well as seating, the additional space is ideal for your indoor plants. If you decide to install shelves or a bench which opens via the lift-top, you’ll be delighted with the extra space! It also could be used to store items.

3: Bay Windows and Bow Windows Enhance the Worth of Your Home

When you are looking to upgrade your windows, it adds to the value of your home; regardless of the style you pick, windows with bow or bay windows are likely to bring more value. The value that these windows can add to your house will differ based on the size of your home and current value.

It’s not only the beauty of a bow or bay window; it also adds value! If you install these windows, the home area will increase, which lets you add more to the asking price. If you select ENERGY STAR windows, such as those made through Brampton Windows, your home value will rise even further.

4: You’ll Enjoy Maximum Natural Light

With three window panels, it’s tough to find a window that can let more natural light into your home than bow or bay windows. Since the window panels can get angled to the side, you’ll enjoy the sunshine from various angles. The added light enhances your home and could improve your mood!

Beautify Your Home with Bay & Bow Windows

If you’re ready to add charm and beauty to your home, we’re here to help you upgrade. Get started by requesting your in-home estimate today! Brampton Windows is a leading manufacturer and installer of doors and windows for commercial, residential, and custom-built homes. Please get in touch with us at 905 595 5091 or email us at and allow us to quote on your job.