Considering sliding or awning windows, it is essential to consider the pros and cons to determine which is best for your needs. There’s no definitive winner in windows since both types offer an unrivaled view, security, and insulation.

This guide on sliding windows and awning windows will help you make the right choice simpler and assist you in finding the best window.

What differentiates awning windows from sliding windows?

Sliding Windows

Sliding windows work well in rooms with limited space to open windows. The windows are bright and light. Either way, slide effortlessly across the frame to let air flow in and give you all the benefits of a window.

Sliding windows can be customized and designed to have a maximum of 1.6m height and 1.2m wide. They get equipped with an external security screen that provides an additional layer of security.

Awnings Windows

Awning windows are a versatile option for any space that can open up to 45 degrees from an upper hinge, using an operator that operates from the inside. Awning windows work well in situations requiring higher heights because they’re so simple to use that they can get put over benches and furniture without obstruction to access.

Consider kitchens, bedrooms, homes, office space, apartments, and other buildings wherever you’d like to have the flexibility of an opening window without having to reach high and open it out.

Sliding Windows vs . Awning Windows: Comparing Their Benefits

The Advantages of Sliding Windows

  • No springs, hinges, or pulleys available to be replaced
  • Simple maintenance and easy cleaning
  • It is easy to close and open.
  • Double-glazed windows with energy efficiency lower power costs

The Advantages of Awning Windows

  • Superior sealing to provide better insulation, less noise, and even savings on energy bills
  • It opens in the rain without worrying about the possibility of being exposed to the elements.
  • Excellent ventilation in all areas
  • Allows fresh air to flow through the windows on floors with high ceilings without compromising security
  • Multipoint locking systems are locked closed or open.
  • Simple operation without the need for the ability to slide or reach
  • Increase the height and brightness of the room by putting in a large opening window that is easy to open

Which Should I Choose? Slide or an Awning?

There are numerous advantages to sliding and awning windows; however, they offer additional benefits that could put them ahead of the pack. Are you interested in learning more about sliding and awning windows or other window options? Whatever you go with, you must ensure that your windows are manufactured and installed by experienced professionals such as Brampton windows. Call us at 905 595 5091 or mail