Add Texture To Your Home’s First Impression

The areas above and to the sides of many Brampton area home entryways are not the best places to add a personal touch to your home. The plain slabs of stone could get placed around your entrance with an appearance of a modern home, but what does it convey to you or your loved ones?

With most houses that look so similar today, the entryway is among the only opportunities to make an impression about what you stand for. 

What in the World Are Sidelights and Transoms?

If you’re not working in the field, the first thing you’ll ask yourself could ask, “What in the world do you mean by “what you’re speaking about?” Well, we’re eager to share the details. Here are a few terms we’ll use throughout this guide:

  • Sidelight –  A sidelight is the space on the right or left of an entrance door that is a part of the frame openings. They are usually made mostly of glass.
  • Transom – Transoms serve the same function as a sidelight. Still, it is placed over the door to fill the upper part of the opening within the frame and get typically made of glass.
  • Active Sidelight – A hinged sidelight can get used so that it opens to provide a space to allow for breezes without opening the door.
  • Uneven Pair – A combination of an entrance door and a sidelight permits the sidelight to function as a passive entry door. The sidelight is also able to open to create a bigger space. That is, in essence, an inconsistency of doors.

One thing must get considered before you begin planning the new style for your entryway to your home.

Your options for entryways depend on the size of the frame around your entrance. You can’t build an even taller or wider framework to allow for the sidelights and transoms.

No matter what combination you select, the door to your entry and the transom and sidelights must fit within the structure.

Suppose you were to make any of these sidelights into an unbalanced pair. In that case, you’d have plenty of room to move appliances and furniture quickly.

Explore the Possibilities

The options are almost endless with the many possibilities available in the size, style, and glass styles, hinged or not. 


Transoms are placed over your door and extend across the whole way as a vital part of the entrance door system. Each of our transoms gets made using one of our various ornamental glass panes.


While paired sidelights significantly impact the design of your entryway, many homeowners have decided to only install one sidelight on either side of their entrance door.

Something is appealing about the clear and artistic appearance of glass panes with decorative designs that catch the eye. These are the sidelights that focus exclusively on glass. Cross braces are a great complement to the architectural style; wide glass panes are sure to attract the attention of your neighbors.

Active Sidelights

A hinged side added to one of your sidelights will increase their value but will not impact their appearance. Restricting your entrance to one light is recommended to avoid bowing off the doors’ pillars.

The Benefits of Sidelights and Transoms

Transoms and sidelights allow you to change the appearance of your home’s entryway; that’s only some of what they provide.

Transoms are the safest method of letting light through. Glass inserts allow more light into your home without the security risks of a huge glass panel inside the door. 

Sidelights offer more than just a boost in lighting when they’re active. You can open the sidelights to let in the cool afternoon breeze, among the most appealing aspects.

Suppose you’re concerned about letting pests in your home. In that case, we can incorporate retractable screens into this system to help keep the noseeums away from where they belong.

If you are interested in adding a little pizzazz to your home’s entryway, contact Brampton Windows at 905 595 5091 or email us at for a consultation.