Casement windows can be a stunning design for any home; however, they can be expensive to replace and repair. The window’s seal may break down with time and lead to leaks that result in water damage within your home. This blog will teach the symptoms of a casement window breaking and how to fix the windows!

You will be able to identify a cracked seal when the window is difficult to open or close.

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Casement Window Gears Sticking Together

It could be due to rigid gears and inadequate lubrication or dirt build-up, making the window unable to work correctly. The first step to fix the issue is to remove all debris you can detect around the places where the gears tend to stick to each other. You can make use of nails, tweezers, or cotton swabs for lifting out the obstructions that prevent them from moving gently.

After removing all visible traces, you can apply grease (e.g., Vaseline, Vaseline, or WD-40) on both sides of the vehicle so that they can function smoothly again.

Tracks of Casement Window

If your casement windows aren’t shutting and opening correctly, it could be because they are stuck due to the build-up of dirt in their tracks. Follow the cleaning procedure outlined in windows with track systems.

A Casement Window with Striped Handles

Another issue with casement windows is when handles get damaged as they age. The handle may need to be replaced, and, in some cases, it would be best to call an expert, particularly if it is jammed or has caused further damage to the window. But, it is feasible to repair the problem yourself if you have the exact crank replacement. For this, follow these steps:

The window should be opened to ensure that the arm’s wheel is aligned against the notched gap on the track. The wheel is removed from the way. Trim any window. Take the crank off. Replace the crank, but ensure you purchase the exact dimension. Install the brand new one at the same location you removed the old one.