You might not be aware of it often, but windows play a significant aspect in your day-to-day life. If you have a window that isn’t functioning well, the air and atmosphere in the home are affected. It is why it’s essential to understand how windows functions.

In this series of blog posts, we’d like to provide you with the basic features and advantages of different windows. Once you understand what works and what isn’t, it will help you determine which type of window best fits your needs.

Single Hung Windows

You are probably familiar with the way that single-hung windows work. A hanging window gets opened by lifting the bottom sash if you forgot. It’s called single suspended because only one belt moves while the other remains stationary.

It’s no longer the most common type of window nowadays. However, there are still a few who favor this style. Let’s examine the benefits and drawbacks of window design.


Because only one sash is operational in a single hung window, the cost for this kind of window is considerably smaller than other windows with two straps. Therefore, if you’re with a tight budget, a single-hung window could be one you’re considering. In the end, construction projects usually depend on budgets, don’t they?


There is a debate on this subject, but as single-hung windows have only one operable sash, there’s a lower possibility of failure in the locking mechanism for the window. It is also easier to lock and close the window because it only requires the thought of one sash to lock and close it.

Energy Efficiency

Single-hung windows are great for those who wish to reduce energy costs. Because it is the only moving part, single-hung windows limit the air that goes in and exits the home. It means you’ll save money on cooling and heating costs throughout the year.


The lifespan of a window is dependent on the material that gets used. Sashes and frames made of wood usually have a less life expectancy than windows made of fiberglass or vinyl.


It is an issue cleaning your stationary area, mainly from the outside. One can take out the moveable portion of a single-hung window to clean it. It is one of the disadvantages of this kind of window.


Single-hung windows restrict the air that can get let into the home. Only a tiny amount of air could pass through this type of window compared to the other varieties. This window type could be better for those who wish to create a soaring atmosphere within the house.


Single-hung windows are energy efficient; they have more security features than other windows. However, its limited function and cleaning difficulty might be why homeowners avoid this type of window.

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