Suppose you’re considering a renovation of the exterior of your home. In that case, You might be thinking about what you can do to make your entrance door appear larger and more robust. It gets recommended to add sidelights with windows with narrow sides that frame the entrance door. They’re one of the most fashionable ways to give your front door a look more attractive.

As a trusted installer of brand new doors and windows, Brampton Windows explains below what you should consider when choosing an entryway with sidelights:

Different Style Options

Fiberglass and wooden entrance doors are the most commonly used doors that provide sidelight options. A lot includes glass inserts with designs, scrollwork, and stained glass. Sidelights can be combined or coordinated with the inserts. They may get constructed full-length, which means the glass will cover the entirety of the doors.

Sidelights can also be partial with glass just at their tops or with an oval shape, or they could contain glass covering 3/4 or more of the sidelight. Furthermore, many sidelights are customizable by using blinds or inserts to provide privacy and let you regulate lighting. If you prefer a single sidelight instead of one that frames the doorway, they could get ordered as a custom-made item.

A transom can also get installed, which can get coordinated with the size and design of the sidelights. Your contractor for window and roof replacement can place it on top of the doorway to let light be able to flow through the space.

The Benefits You’ll Gain from Sidelights

A sidelight that is entirely transparent can let you know who is in the house when your doorbell rings without looking through a peephole (which is often uncomfortably angled). Pets also enjoy relaxing in a sidelight, mainly built to stretch towards the floor, because it provides a view of the outside at the appropriate height and dimensions.

Another benefit you can reap from sidelights is letting natural light enter your home. Although this isn’t the sole source of light, it could provide the best view of the outside.

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