It is unnecessary to change the siding on your exterior door to give your home a fresh look. Installing an entry door with sidelights is a quick and easy way to inject new life into your home.

Sidelights are narrow windows at the sides of an entrance door, creating a stylish frame that adds curb appeal. If you’re considering a front door with sidelights, here are some benefits you should consider with Brampton Windows.

Advantages of Sidelights

Because sidelights get typically construct using transparent or translucent glass, they allow natural light to flood your house. It is especially beneficial if you do not have a lot of room on your walls to install windows. The sidelights are transparent and let you know who’s across the other side of the door whenever your doorbell rings. Traditional peepholes typically get installed at an odd position. Therefore, if you’re not a fan of the peepholes on doors, you might like the simple design of sidelights.

Sizes and Styles

Sidelights are a common feature in both wood and fiberglass entrance doors. These doors typically have glass inserts with scrollwork, stained glass, or a design. Sidelights can get made to match the inserts for a more cohesive appearance and can get extended to a complete length. If you do not want the sidelights to grow the size of your door, you could choose one that is a part of at the top or an oval form.

Since entrance doors with sidelights can be distinctive, they will require a custom-made door. It could cost you some extra. However, it will ensure the ideal fitting for your home and let you personalize the door to your preferences.

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