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Frameless Shower Doors

Brampton Windows has vast experience in the design and installation of bathtub sliding doors. You have no reason to continue using the cloth and vinyl shower curtains that require frequent washing. You may also replace the bathtub doors that are difficult to clean for a more modern and sleek style using the frameless or semi-frameless bathtub sliding doors.

The custom contemporary look that you so much desired will be created by the Brampton Windows team that will undertake to deliver the highest quality and the best installation possible. The experienced and helpful staff will install the bathtub sliding doors in the proper way, promptly, and for the best price possible.

The bathtub sliding doors serve their function by keeping water inside the tub. We work alongside you as you choose your dream design and any hardware required to bring out your personal style. Hardware is available from the shimmering look of chrome to the classic brushed look of nickel; you will make a choice that matches your style and décor in the home.

If you need some window ideas, we’ve put together a gallery of window inspirations:

Shower Enclosure Ideas

You’ve done an excellent job on my home. The new windows look amazing. Thank you and I will recommend you to my friends.

_ Maria M.