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Bathtub Screens

The shower and tub screens are an alternative to the shower and tub doors. They are a great alternative to creating the desired look and feel in the bathroom and to keep water from flowing out.

The shower screens and tub screens can be customized to go with the current bathroom layout. Your choice ranges from the geometric look and rounded edges and a wide selection of hardware finishes

Both the shower and tub screens allow light in opening up the bathroom space and yet providing a nearly invisible look. The bathroom will feel fresh, airy and relaxing.

The team at Brampton Windows will ensure that the customized shower or tub screens match your dreams irrespective of whether you are remodeling or simply enhancing your current bathroom. The trackless glass screen will offer a more open and expansive look to the bathroom.

The industry standard tempered glass is used to ensure safety and durability since it is six times stronger than regular glass. A guarantee is given for every installation and Brampton Windows will replace or repair any defective part. Call us or visit us to see the innovative designs used to customize the shower screens.

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The windows look amazing. My home feels so much more cozy and looks wonderful as well.

_ Ann B.