Nothing can send a chill through your spine like glass shattering.

If you’ve damaged a glass window or come across broken windows, it’s unpleasant. It would be best if you had it repaired quickly. But since it’s not something to be pondering over.

It would be best if the broken glass resulting from an accident; the following step-by-step instructions for window glass repair can help you arrange the replacement of your glass and protect your home.

Unattended repairing a window implies that your home is vulnerable to elements and invaders. The final thing you want to do is more destruction.

What’s the first step to fixing the glass in your window?

Step 1: Examine the Broken Glass

Broken glass can happen throughout your business or home. Most commonly, it occurs through an exterior window. However, we’ve seen an increase in broken glass in balustrades and shower screens made of glass, as well as splashbacks, glass doors, and even shower screens.

After you’ve evaluated the damaged structure, it’s essential to repair it in the shortest time possible. Even at night, making an emergency call for glass repair is doable.

If you do not need to get in touch with the glass or even the pieces lying around, put them in a safe place to be left. The team at Brampton windows will take away any glass fragments and take care of the mess. If you have kids, block off the area to ensure they don’t get their hands on broken glass.

If the window breaks or cracks during a storm and the excessive water damages your home, you could choose to fix the window. If this is the case, attempt to seal the damaged area with wood or heavy plastic. Be sure you wear thick gloves or boots and wear eyewear if you’re trying this. Accessing this equipment is only sometimes feasible. If you require help with what to do, contact Brampton windows at any time, 24 hours a day, for urgent glass repair.

Step 2: Information and the Cost of Window Repair

It is essential to provide an accurate description of the damaged or broken window, the approximate dimensions, and the location of the building. This information will get used to calculate the estimate.

The cost of replacing your window will depend on several aspects:

  • Glass size
  • Location
  • The thickness of the glass
  • The time to repair

Brampton windows ‘ glass replacement and glazing service conform to Brampton Security Standards. If you haven’t been able to replace your windows in some time, the new glass could be more substantial and robust than it was in the past.

If the damaged area is secure and you want to look at other options, such as double glazing or frames made of aluminum, ask for an estimate before booking the replacement glass.

Step 3: Fixing Your Glass Window

After you’ve approved to begin your window repair, The team will be on the scene immediately to repair the glass. Be sure to choose an experienced and reliable glazier. Skilled and installs only top-quality products.

The glass cracked, and stained isn’t the only reason to get a new window. In many cases, older windows start to degrade and can begin to become problematic.

Some things to watch out for are

  • The leaking water is around the edges of the frame
  • Fogged-Up Glass:  The glass that has become cloudy could be due to condensation in older triple or double-glazed windows.
  • Drafts in winter:  The presence of drafts in winter could suggest that the window has an opening or fails to close around the frame.

If you require expert assistance with your glass repairs, call Brampton windows. We specialize in Brampton Windows and Doors for commercial, residential, and custom-built homes. Call us at 905 595 5091 or mail