No one enjoys the cold that winter brings. When the temperature drops below freezing, it is not a rare sight for homes to feel cold and drafty, even with the heating on. One of the main causes of cold homes are old windows. They have leaks that let in air and use dated materials and technology. Thus, they are more likely to fail preventing cold air from entering your Brampton home and become less adequate in acting as an insulator.

Whilst the majority suggest fall as the ideal time to install new windows, you can also do so in the winter. New windows will bring instant benefits and help keep your home warm for a number of important reasons:

They Eliminate Drafts

Drafts caused by older doors and windows are one of the main sources of energy loss. It becomes more difficult for your home to warm up and it forces your furnace and other heating applications to work harder. Installing new windows will get rid of drafts and remove the pressure from your heating system.

They Are Effective Insulators

Modern window technology makes new vinyl windows a much better insulator. Due to their low U-Value, they help keep your home warmer. What this means is that the material used to manufacture the windows are effective heat insulators. They retain heat. The lower, the better. For optimum energy performance, windows with a U-factor of 0.25 or less are the best. So, once your home reaches the optimum temperature, these new windows will help to maintain it, keeping your home warmer.

They Provide Extra Protection Against Outdoor Elements

Double or triple pane glass is the most common in modern windows. You can add a low e coating or even argon gas in between the window panes. These types of windows offer extra protection against the cold. If you live in an area with extremely cold weather, consider these options.

They Eliminate The Need For Ineffective Temporary Fixes

Don’t waste time, money, and effort on temporary solutions to prevent air leaks and drafts. Installation of weather stripping and caulking is only temporary and does not last the whole season. Caulking, as compared to new windows from Brampton Windows, does crack and dry out and does not compare to the air sealing effectiveness of getting new windows installed.