Are you having a problem with your window and are unsure whether to repair it or get an expert to fix it? We recommend that you have an expert in glass repair come to inspect the problem before attempting to resolve an issue yourself. If you are concerned that your windows may require to be repaired, go through this list first to determine whether the windows you have had for a while have to be replaced instead of repaired, and call us! Minor topics could grow into bigger ones that initially cost you more than professional help.

Deformed Glass

If the glass appears to bend or be wavy, the window requires replacement, not fixed. If you see any changes in the shape of the mirror and size, you know it’s the right time to consult a glass professional.

Insinuate Cracks and Chips

Even tiny cracks and chips could ruin the sealed units and glass. In the event of damage, replacing the window is the only solution. If not, the tiny chip can develop into a larger one and alter your window’s performance.

Broken Seal

Suppose the seal for weatherproofing in your triple or double pane window has to get damaged. In that case, it is necessary to replace your window in full. By replacing your windows with superior insulation, you can increase efficiency and reduce hundreds of dollars in monthly energy bills.

Failure of Weather-stripping

It’s hard to tell whether your windows require to be replaced entirely instead of being repaired. That’s why; if any of the conditions listed above arise, it is critical to contact an expert. The staff at Brampton Windows will determine what task is required and complete the work in the shortest time possible. Please contact us at 905 595 5091 or if you have any questions.

Have your bills for energy lately risen without any change to your lifestyle? It might be a hint that your insulation needs to get replaced. Suppose your caulking or weather-stripping begins to break down. In that case, your furnace needs to be working overtime to maintain your home at an acceptable temperature. If you’ve changed your weather stripping and caulking numerous times but you’re still having issues, it’s the right time to change your windows.