Deciding when to replace or fix windows can be a challenge, particularly if you’re looking to reduce costs or preserve the appearance of your house. But knowing the right time to replace or repair windows is a crucial precaution and could aid in saving money in the long run.

You can decide whether to replace the windows or repair them. Brampton Windows has created this guide to help you think when deciding whether your windows can be salvaged or not.

When Should Your Windows Be Replaced

Although it could be a tough decision to remove the windows you have, it’s essential. It’s pretty simple to determine if your windows require replacement because there are many signs that your windows are not functional. Here’s a checklist of the most common symptoms you can look for if windows need to get replaced:

Your Window Balance Is Defective

A window’s balance can be an obscure component of your window that assists in bearing the majority all the load of your window’s sash. That gets found in double-hung and single-hung windows, which are difficult to close and open. Window balances support the top strap of double-hung windows when windows get shut. Because these components are in the window’s frame, it is necessary to replace the whole window to resolve this issue.

There’s Significant Water Damage

People don’t want to worry about water damage to their homes. It can cause numerous issues like mold and excessive dampness within the home. If you’re experiencing leaks, your exterior window casing could be faulty. Because this is an external window issue, you’ll require a new window with a watertight seal!

Your Windows Has Significant Structural Damage

Massive structural problems cause huge issues with insulation and protection against outside elements, which is why you’ll require new windows to tackle this. If you are looking for structural problems, be sure that the siding, sheathing, and insulation are functioning. It could be necessary to perform repairs and replacements to repair structural damage.

Your Window Has a Defective Glass Seal

A rubber strip between your window and the glass serves as the glass seal on your windows. The seal is made of rubber and maintains an airtight gap between panes. The airtight seal stops the draft of water and currents from entering the window, causing a fog.

Suppose you find that your window is becoming foggy. That suggests condensation grows within the window, and the glass seal gets broken. In the end, removing or replacing the window is your only solution.

Your Windows Shake or Frequently Let Drafts In

If your windows let in drafts or shake them, the pane or frame may be loose. That could lead to dampness and water leaks. That is a massive problem because it permits chilly air to enter your home and warm air to exit. It gets recommended to begin shopping for new windows when you spot this problem.

When Should You Fix Your Window

It would help if you replaced your windows; however, some issues don’t require complete replacement. Here’s a list of indications suggesting you fix your window rather than replace it:

The Window Paint Is Getting Chipping Off

The chipped paint on the exterior of your windows is a primary eye-sore. However, it is only a partial replacement. It’s possible to paint over the chips or seek the help of a certified painter or decorator to bring your windows back to their original splendor!

Glass Panes Are Dirty 

Due to dirt and dust in the air and the rainwater, the window’s glass gets filthy quickly. It may also have oily splatters on the glass. Add vinegar to the solution to help cut through grime and grease when your window gets situated in the kitchen. It’s an easy fix that needs a cleaning solution for windows and hot water.

Glass Damaged or Cracked

Broken and cracked glass is what we typically imagine as we imagine a damaged window. However, cracked glass sometimes signals adding windows to your cart. Most often, a glazier will assist in the replacement of windows that get hurt by a single pane at a reasonable cost.

Your Windows Lock Hardware Starts to Stick

Window security is vital. That is crucial as you’ll require the windows to get opened to let air into your home. Therefore, you must ensure that the window locks always work. One common issue that homeowners encounter is the sticky locks on windows. Because of oil-based spray lubricants that can get removed quickly.

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