With rising prices for electricity and a growing interest in the property industry, many homeowners are considering double-glazing their windows. It’s not a surprise that double glazing is increasing in recognition in the market due to the many benefits these windows provide.

We’ll look at double-glazed windows and the possibility of the installation of these windows in your home.

What Are Double-Glazed Windows?

Double-glazed windows get made up of two pieces of glass separated via the air gap. The gap between the two gets filled with gas and hermetically sealed to offer additional insulation. Glass is a great conductor of heat. That means heat flows directly into your home when you have single-glazed windows. But, the air is not the best conductor of heat. Therefore, the gas in double-glazed windows is insulated and protects from heat loss and transfer.

Why Is Double Glazed Windows More Effective Than Single Glazed?

Single-glazed windows have only a tiny amount of insulation. That means that during the summer heat, they transfer heat directly into your home, which requires a greater utilization of air cooling. Also, heaters work to keep the house temperature comfortable during cold winter nights. Furthermore, single-glazed windows offer little noise reduction and do not have the security of double-glazed windows. That creates an increased risk of security for your family.

Is Double Glazed Stronger Than Single Glazed?

Double-glazing glass offers superior durability and strength. Furthermore, windows with double glazing are extremely tough to break, providing additional protection from burglars and peace of assurance for families with small children.

What Are the Benefits of Double Glass Windows?

Double glazing’s advantages are many, but here’s a top list of reasons to consider installing double glass windows in your home.

Better Insulation

Double-glazed windows are insulating, creating the perfect wall between your home and the outside temperature. That means that you can be able to enjoy cooler summers as well as warmer winters.

Increased Security

The increased strength of windows is an important safety feature for families with children. Double-glazed windows are virtually impossible to break. That allows you to rest at night, knowing that an additional layer of security protects you from burglars.

Noise Reduction

Double-glazed windows dramatically cut out all noise from outside. That means that you will experience a low noise. This results in a peaceful and quieter life for your family and you.

Reductions in Energy Bills

Double-glazed windows provide thermal control and drastically reduce the need for heating and cooling. In summer, 87% of the heat absorbed from a structure is absorbed via windows. 40% of your home’s warmth gets lost during winter. Double-glazing your windows could lead to a 60% energy cost reduction.

Environmentally Friendly

As a nation, We are becoming conscious of the significance of conserving and safeguarding our surroundings. Double glazing can significantly reduce energy usage and your house’s carbon footprint.

Reduction of Interior Damage

We’ve all heard that the sun is mighty and can cause damage to carpets and furniture that get exposed to light from the windows. Double glazing decreases the UV radiation that passes through the windows, reducing the damage caused to your home’s interior.

Minimal Condensation

If the warm air in your home comes into contact with the cold glass of your window, the air condenses, causing fogging and drips of moisture. The gas insulation in double-glazed windows keeps the glass at room temperature, eliminating condensation and producing less mildew and mold. The buildup of mildew and mold can harm our health, making double-glazing a significant benefit.

The Value of a Property Has Increased

Window glass is now more and more get considered by prospective buyers. With improved energy efficiency, more comfort, less noise, and enhanced security, double glazing increases the appeal and value of your home.

What Benefits and Drawbacks Come of Double Glazing?

We’ve looked at the many advantages of double-glazed windows, but do they have any negatives?

The primary drawback to double-glazed windows is the price. Double windows are more expensive than single-glazed. When comparing both choices, you need to consider the costs of climate control and the electricity costs associated with single-glazed windows.

The expense of heating and cooling your home and the cost of installing double-glazed windows are identical. Therefore, if double-glazing is out of your budget, consider taking a closer look and analyzing the numbers. You might be surprised to discover that investing in double-glazed windows right now is the most profitable investment over time.

Can Double-Glazed Windows Be Retrofitted?

Double glazing is a great option to be retrofitted into an older property. It is an excellent way to improve the value of your home and its street appeal. Retrofitting double-glazed windows typically takes one day and can be completed with little disruption. It is possible to stage the installation to fit your budget and timeframe.

Do You Need to Choose Double Glazing for Your Home Windows?

Deciding to double-glaze your house’s windows is an important decision with many factors to consider. The advantages of less noise improved security, and substantially lower energy bills are difficult to overlook. Many families find that the expense of having double-glazed windows is an investment worth it.

It doesn’t matter if you’re looking at the possibility of retrofitting your home or planning to build a new one. If you’d consider installing double-glazed windows, contact Brampton Windows to discuss the most suitable option. Call us today at 905 595 5091 or email us at info@bramptonwindows.ca for your Home Window.