Window replacements are an excellent option for Brampton homeowners to enhance the appearance, energy efficiency, and worth of their houses.

Choosing the window that best suits your needs, preferences, and budget can be challenging when so many different designs and styles are available.

If you compare casement windows to awning windows, there are many similarities and differences.

The name knew her of “crank windows” window types like awnings and casements use cranking mechanisms with easy-to-use hands for ventilation control.

Although they function similarly, they also differ from one another in a variety of ways thanks to various traits and qualities!  

Here at Brampton Windows, we assist our customers in making educated, informed choices about their homes.

This tutorial will examine the pros and cons of awning and casement windows.

What Is Casement Windows?

Famous for their superior ventilation capabilities and easy-to-use design, they are a top option among Brampton homeowners.

The windows get hinged from the side. The modern windows can open to either the left or right and can be used to let fresh air in the house, similar to the sails of an ocean vessel!

Perfect for walls that are wider than they are high. The convenience of the handle crank makes these windows an ideal option for seniors, people with mobility issues, or windows that are difficult to reach.

Most commonly employed in kitchens and bathrooms, Casement windows get thought of as one of the most energy-efficient windows on the market.

When the lever presses down into the frame, the window will make an air-tight compression seal, like the seal on the refrigerator door.

What makes casement windows distinct from awning windows is that they can clean easily from the inside. Provide an alternate exit in an emergency, and have more control over ventilation preferences.

The most significant disadvantage is that windows can hinder outdoor living areas if they get not placed at a sufficient height.


  • Perfect for walls that are higher than they are wide
  • It is easy to use
  • Cleanses the inside
  • Superior ventilation and control of airflow
  • Energy-efficient thanks to air-tight seals- Multiple-point locking systems
  • Serves as an alternative exit in the event of an emergency
  • Enhances the value of your property and curb appeal


  • Can interfere with high-traffic areas
  • The mechanism for craning can wear out and requires maintenance
  • It may require more frequent cleaning than traditional styles of windows

What Is Awning Windows?

In a rise in popularity, awning windows of this type are renowned for their ability to extend the outside and create “awning-like” buildings.

The windows get hinged from the top. These windows live up to their title as they can open at 45-degree angles, allowing fresh air ventilation regardless of the weather!

Therefore, homeowners can take advantage of breath-taking fresh air when it’s pouring down without fear of water entering or damaging their property.

Like casement windows, awning windows have an easy-to-use mechanism for cranking that assures an air-tight and energy-efficient seal when shut.

It can aid in maintaining the temperature of your home and provide comfort to the house. It also allows your cooling and heating system to rest, reducing energy costs!

Like casement windows, awning windows are at risk of causing interference to the outdoor spaces. It means they could extend out to furniture if they’re not placed enough height against the wall.

What differentiates awning windows from casement windows is that they’re better designed for walls bigger than their height and can be challenging to clean the interior.

In the end, awning windows are best for rooms located on the top floor for cleaning without ladders.


  • Perfect for walls that are larger than they are tall
  • Easy-to-use crank handle mechanism
  • In the event of rain, it provides air ventilation without water
  • Improves efficiency of energy
  • Reduces energy costs
  • Natural sunlight and an unobstructed view
  • System of locking Multi-point cam


  • A window with an open design could protrude into areas of high traffic
  • The crank handle might need maintenance and repairs – Length x Width requirements could be challenging to install
  • The inside of the container cannot be clean
  • Not suitable as an alternative escape option

If you keep these questions in mind, you can determine the best window design suitable for your requirements, budget, and style.

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