Do You Need to Replace or Restore the Windows on Your Historic Windows?

If your windows require an update, you’re probably considering whether you can repair them or if they need to get replaced. Think about the following points in making your decision:

Window Reconstruction

The owners of homes with historical features might want to consider window restoration. It is the process of repairing your existing windows. It’s a preferred option for older houses because it lets you preserve your property’s original windows and historic style.

Restoration is appropriate if the problems in your windows aren’t too severe and not the scenario. However, window restoration cannot resolve the issues you currently face, such as difficulty opening your windows and rotting, draftiness, and much more.

Window Replacement

Many homeowners facing these issues choose to replace their windows with modern ones to reap the benefits, including efficiency in energy use, smooth operation, and easy maintenance.

To ensure historical accuracy, the replacement windows you choose should be similar to your old ones in terms of dimensions, appearance, and function. But, you may also choose modern options, such as fiberglass frames or double-pane glass, to enhance the performance of windows.

How to Choose the Excellent Replacement Windows for Your Old House

True Appearance

If you’re considering replacing the windows you have in place with wooden windows to complement the style of your home’s past, think twice. Although high-end wood windows, such as mahogany or pine, look fantastic on older houses, they can be challenging to maintain and are susceptible to costly issues, such as decay and moisture.

An architect designed Brampton Windows for wood windows to emulate the appearance of traditional wooden windows. Everwood can be described as an engineered finish for interiors on fiberglass frames that appears like, feels, paints, and stains like wood, but will not be warped, rot or degrade with time. Because of the durability of fiberglass, the small frames can help maintain the desired appearance and preserve the viewable space of your glass.

The History of the Details

Making sure you select windows that are in keeping with the style of your old windows is vital to preserving your home’s historical appearance. Therefore, the finer details are crucial.

Even if you use contemporary materials, like fiberglass, you can select standard window features like window grilles. Brampton Windows offers versatile colors, styles, and hardware for windows and doors, so you’ll be able to locate the ideal replacement to maintain your home’s historical style.

Modern Technology

It may be a relief to know that you don’t need to compromise the attractive features that modern window frames offer, such as double-pane glass or weather-proof frames, to preserve the authenticity of your old home.

Brampton Windows offer homeowners a lower cost of energy, enhanced home security, less noise maintenance-free, improved curb appeal, and many other significant advantages.

Install Windows on Your HistoricHome with Brampton Windows

Suppose it’s time to consider a window replacement. In that case, you need to select a firm aware of the complexities of architectural and historical requirements in Brampton to ensure that your windows conform to the standards. Nevertheless, they’ll look and perform well.

Find out more about the possibility of upgrading the windows of your old home by Brampton Windows so you can enjoy the perfect mix of contemporary materials and standard features to create beautiful, energy-efficient windows. Call 905 595 5091 or email to speak with a live representative.