If you’re in the market for replacement windows, there’s no doubt that the process can be a bit confusing and overwhelming. There are a lot of choices available on the market, and it gets difficult to decide which company to select in Brampton.

Scheduling Appointments

Did you reach out to the company, or did the company approach you?

What is the significance of this? Because, when people approach you, there’s nearly every chance that it will be a stressful situation.


We encourage, but we do not need to require. The requirement is that all decision-makers be present during the appointment and then call to confirm that all decision-makers are present at the location. You are responsible for this massive undertaking, so we want to ensure you know all the options that make an educated choice.

We discuss various options, like grid patterns, colours, and glass selections. Therefore, it is helpful to ensure that all decision-makers are present to learn about the multiple options available.

Duration of Appointment

The typical appointment time for some window businesses is 3-4 hours.

Our consultants have had several customers inform them that they had to help the sales rep out. As if they had to take their bags and samples on their front steps and back,’ which isn’t occurring. We are guests at your home and are looking to discuss your wants and needs. We offer a more educational service that is free of pressure or games. We’ll only need an hour.


Some companies offer a “yard sign’ discount in which you can receive an additional percent discount for agreeing to allow them to place an official job sign on your property. Most people would let a company offer the same thing – whether it is a whether or not. Consequently, to make a large amount of money off of something like a yard sign is more of a marketing technique than an advantage to the consumer.

Additionally, you can avail a discount on the same day.

It gets used to convincing someone to buy something on the spot and deduct large proportions of your project when you purchase that day.

Why should we offer this? The fact that we can help someone complete their project on the same day makes it more accessible. We are willing to assist you when you need to choose when you can complete the task that day without having to make multiple trips or send emails to and from each other this will result in efficiency for both sides. It’s the same as thinking that you will pay more for a ticket to the airport that you purchase the day before than one that you are buying several months ahead. Similar to how airlines perform more efficiently by knowing their expenses ahead of time, the same goes for us.

Although we offer the same-day discount to those ready to take the next step, the value doesn’t intend to press to choose on the day. We will take a more educational approach to you, presenting your options and letting you choose the best choice for your home and you.

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