Bay window as well as bow windows. They sound almost identical. However, there are a few fundamental distinctions. This blog will explain everything you need to know about the differences between bow and bay windows.

What Is a Bay Window?

Bay windows have three sections that extend outwards from home. The middle section, a picture window, is flanked by various styles on each side. Most of the time, the two sides reflect one another and share the same look. Bay windows can also be angled, which means they are an oblique or angle with a smooth surface that cuts off the corner at typically the angle of 45° or 90°.

When is a Bay Window a Good Idea?

The bay windows can be a great option if you’re looking to make your room larger to make a breakfast nook or to create the appearance of a larger space. Brampton Windows can also be perfect for adding long drapes to create a vertical accent to make the room appear larger or adding an office desk with the abundant light that bay windows provide.

Pros of Bay Windows


Bay windows can provide an attractive look for the external of your house. They can also increase the value of the square footage and curb appeal.


When bay windows get installed, the room inside opens to the outside. It allows the room to appear more significant in size and will enable you to use your extra space in different ways. The simple addition of long drapes can emphasize the vertical, making the room appear more spacious. The possibilities for using your space are areas for reading, nooks, or even window seats.


Bay windows let in lots of light. Regular windows let sunlight enter from one angle, but bay windows allow light from three sides to penetrate your home.


The maintenance cost of bay windows can be less expensive than standard paned windows. They are also weatherproof solid, durable, and long-lasting.

Cons of Bay Windows

Exterior Space

A bay window encloses outside space since the window is more comprehensive from the wall.

Too Much Light

In certain instances, based on the area you’re placing the bay window in, it might let lots of light into your home. It can be beneficial when it’s cold, but it could make your air conditioner perform more efficiently during summer.

Window Treatments

Bay windows might need custom draperies that can be expensive. But, if you choose to invest in top-quality draperies, it can be a once-off expense.

What Is a Bow Window?

Bow windows are a one-sided bay window that is curved. They usually comprise several windows joined to form an arch, distinguishing them from the standard and typically the three-sided bay window. Bow windows create space by protruding over the wall outside a structure and providing an expansive view of the street or garden. Window cases get commonly utilized.

What Is the Perfect Time to Use a Bow Window Good Idea?

Bow windows are an excellent option if you’re looking to create more space, enhance your view and enhance the overall appearance of your house. Bow windows can also provide variations in size and increase the space’s brightness, making it appear more significant than a bay window.

Pros of Bow Windows


Bow windows offer more views as compared to bay windows. With bow windows, you’ll be capable of seeing opinions from both sides of your home.


Bow windows let more light into your home because they get made of more windows.


Generally, casement windows and bow windows can open and close, while bay windows cannot. It provides for a lot more airflow.

Cons of Bow Windows


The installation process is more complicated than bay windows. The bow windows weigh more and are more challenging to install. Both will require you to expand the windows already in place and ensure the wall can support the additional weight of these windows, which are heavier than flat windows.

Where Can I buy Bay & Bow Windows Near My Home?

Increase the size of your living space and the look of your house by installing a bay or bow window made by Brampton Windows. The beauty, practicality, and distinctive design options can make a bow or bay window an excellent choice to add beauty and functionality to your house. At Brampton Windows, we have various products that offer multiple styles, sizes, and designs. If you have any questions about us, call us at 905-595-5091 or email us at for any inquiries.