Although we all attempt to ensure that we are distancing safely, it’s not always feasible or even possible. Small, modular barriers are vital to keeping customers and employees safe in these cases. Continue reading to learn more about Brampton Windows’ many alternatives.

What do these barriers do?

Personal protective barriers, known as “sneeze guards” or “sneeze guards” or “cough guards,” are designed to form a physical “wall” between customers and employees or, in some situations, between employees working in the workplace.

What is the process of constructing them?

Personal barriers can stand on their own or be attached to existing equipment. They can be as straightforward or as complicated as you like. The material for the wall is typically transparent polycarbonate. Still, colored polycarbonate that is tinted or smoked is also readily available. In addition, the polycarbonate may have small cut-outs that permit the transfer of documents or other goods across the sides.

Brampton Windows use an A-frame made of anodized aluminum to support the polycarbonate. A drop-in bolt can be attached to each aluminum beam through the at-slot. As a result, the barrier is light and flexible.

For more attractive or clean designs, consider sealing off the empty t-slots by using one of our vibrant closure strips. If you’re looking for the barrier to be utterly free of T-slots, our extrusions made of closed aluminum are the ideal choice.

Do you have to put in one of these barriers for outdoor use? Consider one constructed with stainless steel components.

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