Getting new windows installed can be a big boon. They help to increase your home’s curb appeal, get rid of drafts, reduce noise and make your Brampton home more energy efficient – that is, if you select the right windows for your home.

If you’re currently looking for new windows, use this 7-step guide to help you out:

Establish A Budget

This should be your top priority when selecting new windows. Ensure that your windows are within price range and if not, replace in stages by doing the main level first, and so on.

Think Energy Efficiency

Energy efficient windows will help you save money, especially those rated by Energy Star, as they reduce your energy bill by an average of 12 percent. This can assist you in recouping some part of the cost in installing a new window.

Consider Your Current Windows

What types do you currently have? Do you like them? Do they fit the design of your home? Whilst many homeowners are pretty happy to replace their current windows with something similar, this could be an opportunity for you to get a new design and / or upgrade them.

Choose The Right Window Frame

You have three main types to choose from – wood, vinyl, and fiberglass. Each comes with their own pros and cons. However, vinyl framed windows have become the most popular choice as they are durable and are generally low maintenance.

Choose The Right Window Type

What you get will largely rely on what is already installed in your house, the areas where you will be using the windows, as well as functionality considerations. Most owners choose them based on the current design installed in their homes. Review the design to get an idea of what you need.

Select Window Features

Nowadays, there are plenty of window features for you to choose from, which may affect the following: budget, efficiency, security, and functionality. Be sure to look at the respective ratings for wind, air, and weather resistance, the number of window panes, cladding, glazing and, low e-coating, and many more.


Choosing the right window installation company to get them installed is also important. You never know when/if issues will arise in regards to your new windows. Manufacturer defects and other problems can also happen. Ensure that the company you are engaging offers a comprehensive warranty for their products and workmanship. This will give you peace of mind knowing that your windows are protected.