Here are seven good reasons we believe you’ll love your new replacement windows from Brampton Windows:

  • Reduce your cooling and heating costs
  • Eliminate the damage caused by ultraviolet radiation
  • Improve comfort, reduce drafts
  • Increase peace, quiet, and tranquility
  • It is a great way to reduce maintenance needs
  • Enhance your home security
  • Increase curb appeal and exterior beauty

Your Windows May Be Increasing Your Cooling and Heating Costs

Windows are often the most significant source of heat loss and gain in buildings.

When energy costs are at record highs, can you charge to “give away” energy? Inefficiently built, installed, and designed older windows easily allow energy to pass through, reducing efficiency and increasing monthly costs.

Brampton Windows wants you to maintain a cooler indoor temperature in the summer and a warmer one in the winter without spending high electricity bills.

The most efficient and least intrusive method to reduce your home’s energy consumption is installing energy-efficient replacement windows manufactured by Brampton windows. High R-Values are incorporated into the design of our energy-efficient windows to keep your house warm and lower your energy costs. Each window is made to precisely replace any window you have in your home, regardless of design or size. And it is fitted by our factory-trained staff.

It’s a beautiful opportunity to see the world from your Ottawa home! You will save money, and our windows are beautiful and maintenance-free. They are available in a wide range of designs.

We Provide You with a Range of Materials and Styles

Contrary to many window replacement contractors, Brampton Windows offers a variety of window styles and options to fit your house. We’ll help you choose the design, size, and material most suitable for your budget and requirements and provide the highest ROI.

Our experienced team of window specialists will meet the specifications of your plans. Regardless of your needs, from installing a single window to creating a custom window wall, we will handle the installation from when you phone 905 595 5091 or email to obtain an estimate.