The demand for Plexiglass and PVC has risen dramatically since the beginning of COVID-19’s pandemic. The reason for this is that the owners of retail stores, office buildings, public buildings, and offices have decided to put up transparent acrylic partitions and sneeze shields to stop the spreading of COVID-19.

PVC partitions provide a physical barrier to safeguard employees and customers from the spread of infectious droplets. They also aid in strengthening physical separation and give an additional sense of security.

If you’re looking to secure open and welcome clients and staff back into your company, Here are six reasons to choose PVC as a viable option to guard against COVID-19.

It’s also affordable

Acrylic sheets are offered at various prices to fit a variety of budgets. Additionally, it requires less care than glass, which could help you save money over the long run.

It’s clear

Clear PVC is a transparent product that allows employees and customers to engage and collaborate quickly. Therefore, it won’t hinder business activities.

It’s light

PVC weighs half less than glass, making it more secure to handle and simple to install, remove and store when required.

It’s simple to clean

Acrylic sheets are not porous and are cleanable with soap and water or sprays for disinfection. As a result, they are appropriate for or near high-touch surfaces.

It’s adaptable

Using Plexiglas, you can create any shape or design you desire. It is available in various methods, including free-standing, permanent hangable, attachable, and portable options.

It’s durable

PVC is impact, shatter, chemical, and heat resistant. As a result, it is perfect for high-traffic locations.

The WHO and the Public Health Agency of Canada strongly recommend transparent glass partitions when it is impossible to stay two meters away from other people at all times. Checkouts at food counters, retail checkout kiosks, and between office cubicles are examples of this.

In conjunction with physical distancing, facial masks, and regular washing of your hands, PVC partitions can significantly in reducing the spread of COVID-19.

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