Patio doors that are hinged and swing rather than sliding open. Patio doors that swing open are available in two designs: The French hinged door and the centered patio door. What are the main benefits of an outdoor patio door? Plenty of natural light, garden views, and easy outdoor access. The more stylish sliding doors for patios are often in basements that lead to decks or outside and garden doors. They are more suitable to open up into an impressive garden or courtyard. Ultimately, it all comes down to personal taste and preference.

The Office’s Garden Door

This garden patio door makes the office and gives busy homeowners a chance to stretch their legs and take an afternoon walk. Also, notice that the patio door is fitted with a picture window above to let more lighting in the room.

A Grand Entrance into the Garden

Whether your garden patio door leads to an actual garden or, in this case, a stone courtyard, you have many options that go far beyond the door itself. Each patio, garden, swinging, or sliding door has custom style choices. From woodgrain or color to hardware and grid patterns, your door is custom-made to suit your taste and style. The picture window on the door frames it with more class and elegance.

A Fantastic Patio Door to the Perfect Space

Patio doors for the garden make an impressive entrance to the perfect living space. Thanks to their ease of access to the outside, the doors transform the whole look of a room, especially when paired with stunning picture windows.

Garden Patio Doors Make the Deck

It is challenging to imagine a deck with a patio door. The stunning picture windows over and beyond the door make it an eye-catching focal point and hugely enhance the deck.

What to Consider When Buying a Garden Door

The patio door you choose to install can be customized to suit your style. Select between woodgrain or color grid patterns and hardware options such as polished brass or nickel. Find the ideal patio door with Brampton windows.

It is crucial to ensure that your patio door has been installed professionally by a reliable contractor. We always suggest selecting a professional installer within Brampton windows. To make an appointment, contact us by phone at 905 595 5091 or email at