There are many ways you can personalize your exterior home’s appearance to match your personal preferences. Doors with sidelights are an easy option to enhance the appearance of your house. However, everyone knows that the entrance door is one of the most striking visual statements. In the end, it functions as the gatekeeper and the focal point of your house in welcoming your family and friends. Even after choosing a fashionable door, many still feel something needs to get added.

What Exactly Are Sidelights?

Sidelights are windows located just next to your entranceway. Shapes, sizes, and designs come in a variety. If you decide to put in sidelights for your home, you will have at least three main advantages. You can modify your sidelights to match the door you are replacing and take your entryway to the higher step. If your entry gets decorated with glass, you can incorporate a design matching the sidelights to bring it all together.

1: Enhance Curb Appeal

It is difficult to overlook the visual impact of sidelights on your house. If you’re searching for ways to improve the curb appeal of your home and turn your home into the envy of your neighbors, then you aren’t required to look further. Adding sidelights to your house could increase the appeal of potential buyers. In addition, they could help you earn more value from your home. Your guests will be impressed by the elegant entryway.

2: Increase Natural Light

Windows can benefit the interior of your house by bringing it more light! Although you may think windows are only to look good, they have a significant function. Based on the dimensions and the transparency of your windows, you can get a lot of light into your home with these two windows in front of your entrance. If you wish to increase the amount of sunlight inside your entryway to your house, add long sidelights to an entry door with an opening as well.

3: A View of the World Outside

Finally, windows get designed for viewing. Although they may appear decorative, they allow you to observe the scenery outside. But they assist you in identifying who’s knocking near your door. Instead of trying to see through the peephole that isn’t very comfortable, look at your windows to get more of a view before opening the door. Suppose you’re interested in the idea of installing sidelights in your house. In that case, we recommend you contact us at Brampton Windows. You can call us at 905 595 5091 or email us at to learn more about our door installation services.