Windows let natural light in and let rooms open and let fresh air in so that your residence stays cool and airy. However, windows can also get plagued by several issues affecting their performance or appearance.

It is good to have access to some easy solutions to fix windows by yourself. Here are ten common window problems and solutions to them.

Window Will Not Open

A window that won’t open is one of the most common problems you’ll encounter. Dust and dirt are the most common reasons for this since the buildup of dust can cause friction when you attempt to open your window. The window might need to get sealed and so on. In more severe instances, the springs inside the window jambs may become damaged, or the window’s frame might become warped.

Solution: If you have trouble getting a window to open, consider cleaning your windows using a lubricant spray. You can use a putty knife to open the seal if you see paint in the gaps where the sash get meant to open and glide out. If the window isn’t sliding or open, something may be wrong with your belt or springs. In these instances, it’s best to speak with an expert to resolve the problem. Sometimes, cleaning is the only solution.

The Window Isn’t Staying Up

Sometimes, you’d like to take a breather, but, sadly, the window isn’t closing. Balances that aren’t correct could be the cause of your issue here. They may not work correctly or function fine but can not get linked to the window sash.

Solution: Examine the pivot bar and shoes that connect to the pivot bar at the lower part of the sash to verify that they’re connected. If they’re in the correct spots and are usually working, there’s likely an issue with the balances. It is possible to disassemble the window to determine which parts need to get replaced or call a professional to pinpoint the problem.

Window Drafts


Drafty windows can be a severe issue in spring and winter. Poor installation of windows cracks, old windows, and windows that are not efficient are a few reasons why windows let drafts through. The draughts could raise your energy bills and make your home a less comfortable place to live.

Solution: If you can shift your hands over the window frame and see drafts coming in, the best solution is to caulk the window to seal any cracks. It is also possible to install new weatherstripping that creates an effective seal to repair drafty windows.


If you own windows made of wood, You may begin to feel the signs of warping. The moisture can enter the wood, causing the wood to contract and expand, leading to the distortion and bend of your window frames. It is essential to understand how to fix windows that get warped in this event.

Solution: If the damage isn’t severe, You can apply a filler to fill in the cracks. Consider an upgrade when the warping is significant, and your window isn’t working. To avoid stretching, use a new coat of paint or a protective stain on your windows every couple of years.


Leaking is among the most severe window issues, as water can seep into the window and cause mold growth. It can get spread to flooring and throughout your house. The moisture can cause rotting. The fix for these issues could be expensive. Therefore I’ll need to determine how you can fix a leaky window within your home in a hurry.

Solution: To repair the issue of a leaking window, try re-caulking the window and cleaning the window’s frame. If that doesn’t work, it gets suggested that you buy a replacement or contact a specialist to investigate the problem.


Windows made of wood may begin to turn brown, which may hinder the functioning of the windows. It is best to have the problem fixed earlier instead of later. Before you start looking for an alternative, you may be able to find an at-home remedy solution when the issue isn’t severe.

Solution: If you’re trying to repair yourself, start by removing the sections of the window that become badly damaged by rot. Clean the space in the wood that was rotten and then use wood filler to fill it. After you’ve completed the flush of filler and it has dried, you can paint and sand the wood, caulk it again, and be amazed by your beautiful window.


Cracks can result from warping and rotting — it is typically seen on wood frames and will generally be due to moisture.

Solution: You can apply wood filler to fill in the cracks if they’re too wide. It will reduce the risk of additional problems they may cause shortly.


The issue with condensation typically lies with the seals that seal the windows. Extreme heat, heavy rain, and aging are all reasons for damaged seals. Water leaks through the cracked seals, and as excellent air mixes with warm air in your home, it forms a fog upon the glass. The windows stained with dew are another indication that the window isn’t functioning correctly.

Solution: A spray to defog will eliminate the issue in the short term, and you can also apply shaving cream. Ensure you regularly check your windows, vent your house, and employ a dehumidifier to eliminate excessive moisture to avoid fog.

Shattered Window Pane

Unfortunate events happen: window panes break or shatter, and you’re stuck wondering how to get them back in place. Extreme weather, a sloppy baseball ball, or other circumstances can cause damage to your windows, which is why it’s essential to know how to address windows before it happens.

Solution: When windows break, You should put security above all else, and that’s why you should clean the glass and get rid of any broken shards. Wearing gloves and eye protection, take the glass out and the sash. Take measurements of the mirror’s dimensions, and let your hardware store make it cut for you. The way to install the drink will depend on the kind of window you have; therefore, follow a specific guideline to your particular situation. Experts can help you to replace the glass or even your entire window.

Locks And Latches That Are Broken

As the windows age, it is possible to try locking your windows one day only to find a section that has come off in your palm. It is typically a minor issue that can get taken off quickly.

Solution: It is possible to find a new part to fix your windows in most cases. It is then possible to use a screwdriver to take out the damaged lock or latch to replace a new one.

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